Hiring a Caricature Artist FAQ

What do I need to provide for the artist?

The artist will bring all necessary supplies to create their art, and will also provide protective plastic bags for your guests. All they will need from you is a small but visible space in good lighting, full shade (if stationed outdoors), and 3 chairs (one for the artist, 2 for guests). Also, please set the artists up well-away from speakers/music so they can easily communicate with your guests.

Do I have to pay ahead of time?

We do require a 50% deposit and signed contract once a specific date and time has been agreed upon.

Can I pay with a credit card?

We prefer a check, but we can accept credit cards with a processing fee.

Do you do logo designs, gift caricatures, or fine art commissions?

Yes! Please view the “Order Now!” section of our website for information on commercial and gift caricatures. If you have something else in mind, check out our “Shop” section to see if that sparks any ideas.

How many people can an artist draw normally?

We can draw up to 15-20 people per hour in black and white*
Color is no additional charge, but be aware that they take twice as long, up to 8-10 people per hour*
Digital caricatures are done in full color, and we can draw up to 8 people per hour.

*We can produce our art most efficiently if there is an organized line and the next subject is ready to jump into the chair as it opens up.